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We think Transparent

From the use of recycled raw materials, from the design of eco-compatible products with reduced use of raw material and with production cycles with reduced consumption of electricity and with the purchase of Italian raw material that reduces transport distances with lower emissions and greater environmental sustainability than purchasing these raw materials abroad.

Our Approach

The principles linked to the circular economy and environmental sustainability, as established by the European Community regulations, represent the fundamental basis of our production processes.

Quality and design

Selepack is in the quality bank report of the Campania region. “Design and environmental sustainability at the service of plastic packaging. It is in this direction that Selepack, a leading company in the packaging sector, moves.

PAck Your WORLD!

Market needs are closely linked to innovative solutions. The production of containers, made with various materials, made unique and unmistakable in colours and shapes, allows us to overcome the idea of packaging as a usual means of transport to make it a means of communication aimed at enhancing the content. The attention paid to the creation of products that facilitate packaging in speed and ease of use is a further added value that travels in parallel with ecological policies aimed at sustainability and respect for the environment.

Mission: Pack your world

Selepack wants to propose original and innovative solutions with low environmental impact in the field of plastic packaging that involve the end user as the recipient of a packaging that, in addition to distinguishing itself in quality and preservation of the contents, imposes itself as an object of research and design. The main commitment is to put in place all the skills, own and of external realities, such as public and private research environments, to ensure that Selepack packaging is easily recognisable by users as products with a high quality standard, especially reliable. for the safety of their use, distinguishable as regards the separate collection of waste carried out by consumers in the post-consumer phase, in order to facilitate the recyclability of raw materials.

Technology and research

The use of latest generation technologies makes it possible to make the most of company know-how and to respond to any customer request while guaranteeing the high quality of the products. For all aspects related to innovation, especially environmental protection, our company collaborates in research projects with various Italian universities and is the owner of industrial patents.

All products marked with the 3R symbol

they are respectful of the environment and nature for sustainable development.

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