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Pack your world

Selepack manufactures and markets plastic packaging for food and not. Specializing in the use of technology operating in the field of thermoforming, the company was able to increase its visibility in a short time due to the quality of the articles and care of the services offered to customers. Careful selection of suppliers of raw materials (OPS,PET, PET-PE, PP, PP-EVOH-PE), the professionalism of staff, both technical and commercial, the design attention paid to the recyclability of the materials used are the guarantee for the realization of products and services of high quality.

The interest of Selepack towards environmental problems is supported by research activities in collaboration with “La Sapienza” University in Rome studying the automatic identification and selection of plastics during the patented recycling process entitled “Imaging and Automation Models Reverse Engineering”.

Selepack is part of a business group which operates in the production of electricity from renewable sources. Through these activities our company limits the emissions of CO2 being faithful to its mission, as shown below:


Production from wind energy installed:
every year we avoid the release of 144 tonnes of CO2 equivalent to

- 60 families that reduce energy consumption by 25%;
- 48.5 tonnes of recycled waste;
- 300 barrels of unconsumed oil;
- 50,000 square meters of forest absorbing CO2;
- 60,000 liters of consumed fuel;
- 30 not used cars everyday.