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Pack your World


The market needs are closely related to innovative solutions. The production of containers, made of various materials, unique and unmistakable for colours and shapes, allows to overcome the idea of packaging usually saw as a means of “take away” to make it a means of communication able to enhance the contents. The care taken in designing products that facilitate the packaging for the speed and ease of use is another added value that goes in parallel with policies aimed to ecological sustainability.

Mission: Pack your world!

Selepack intends bringing innovative solutions in the plastic packaging lowing the environmental impact and involving the end user as the recipient of a packaging which not only stands out in quality and content preservation, but also is an object of research and design. The main task is to put in place all the skills, both of their own and of external realities, such as public and private research environments, to ensure that Selepack packaging is easily recognizable by users as products with a high quality standard.

Technology and Research

Using the latest technology allows you to leverage the know-how and to respond to any request of customers by providing high quality products. For all aspects related to innovation, especially related to environmental protection, our company cooperates in research projects with various Italian universities, and holds patents.


Selepack is in the quality bells bank ratio.
“Design and environmental sustainability at the service of plastic packaging. It is in this direction that Selepack moves, a leading company in the packaging sector, with original and innovative solutions with a low environmental impact that, besides distinguishing themselves for their quality, also become objects of research and design. The main products are rectangular, savory-safe trays for delicatessen, oval saves liquids for gastronomy, special shapes for salad bowls “

Design © Selepack

Creativity and research are fundamental elements for a work group that focuses on the involvement of the consumer. Today our offer expands to distinguish us and to guarantee a high quality product.


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Ogni anno evitiamo l’immissione di 144 tonnellate di CO2 che equivalgono a:


25% of household consumption


Tons of recycled waste


Unused oil barrels


Saved forest hectares


liters of fuel not used


Unused cars